Save time. Eliminate inefficiencies & errors.

The most complete and extensive software platform, iiko not only automates but transforms your business processes end-to-end - helping you to improve productivity, increase speed and precision of processes and achieve scalability.

End-to-end control and automation

With iiko, every aspect of your business is covered in an all-in-one cloud business management suite. You can easily standardise, streamline and automate hundreds of micro tasks to save money, improve quality and grow profitably.

Point of Sale

Increase speed of service, revenue & profit margins with powerful front of house features.


AI-forecasting ensures you minimise waste and take full advantage of sales opportunities.

Staff Scheduling

Keep track of staff rotas, salaries, attendance, targets and incentives across the entire payroll operation.

Cost Control

Calculate revenue, time worked, cost of food, table turnover… and manage your P&L using every possible metric.

Kitchen Management

Enhance and empower your kitchen team to improve communication and streamline processes.

Reporting & Analytics

Obtain real-time sales and productivity data to improve quality and fix bottlenecks.

Inventory Control

Keep track of inventory in real time, reduce wastage – and streamline the ordering process.

Customer Loyalty

Get to know your customers better, offer the right promotions and improve experiences.

Cash Management

Manage bankings and cashups to minimise errors, simplify processes and ensure transparency.

Takeaway & Delivery

Allow customers to order by phone, online or by Deliveroo & UberEats, see the status of orders, use GPS to show how close drivers are, and more.

Enterprise Management

Control your sites from one location with ease. View, consolidate and make changes instantly.

Reservations & Booking

Manage bookings and avoid mistakes to become a more streamlined and efficient operation.

Ditch ineffective and outdated tech with iiko innovations

Innovating faster than you can imagine, iiko future-proofs your business with cutting edge technology that helps you thrive and succeed.


Front of


iiko's front-of-house is an all-in-one application combining all F&B service types.

You can easily switch between different modes within the same application, on the same till: table service, counter service, delivery service, and even the kitchen display screen. This eliminates the need for multiple applications and integrations.

All-In-One<br>Front of House
  • All types of service
  • Better reliability
  • Save on number of tills
  • No lost orders on integrated KDS



for real.

iiko gives you real time data on your inventory position

Mobile stock taking enables inventory to be easily recorded. You immediately know your actual stock, variances and food costs.

Every time you close an order, the sale is immediately sent to the cloud and iiko depletes the stock and ingredients in real time. You can also record any waste and transfer information directly on the POS to ensure it is immediately depleted from the stock.

Real Time Inventory.<br>For Real
  • Save time
  • Eliminate human error
  • Go paperless
  • Get real-time stock info




iiko collects sales data and automatically creates an accurate forecast to show your future incomes.

Your managers can easily refine the forecast knowing their local situation - the weather, what's happening in store, in the neighbourhood and whatever information they have to hand. With iiko, you can obtain a 95-99% precision forecast to better plan ahead.

AI-Driven<br>Sales Forecasting
  • Get automatic sales forecasts
  • Achieve 95-99% precision
  • Accurately plan ahead
  • Lower costs and manage resources



iiko will suggest the items you need to purchase to meet sales demand - this will prevent over-purchasing and loss of sales from under-purchasing.

The system can automatically create and send purchase orders based on the delivery schedule of your suppliers and replenish the stock in the system on acceptance of the shipment. This saves time and eliminates human error.

  • Save time
  • Eliminate human error
  • Never miss a purchase
  • Prevent over-purchasing



in real-time

iiko's unique combination of reporting and notification features deliver the information you need in a timely and appropriate manner.

iiko collects every detail about your stock, sales, cash reconciliations and actions - way more than any manager can hold in their head! Importantly, it delivers insight and conclusions at the time when actions are required to be taken. No longer do you need to dig through mountains of information.

Actionable Insights<br>in Real Time
  • Real-time reports
  • Periodic info digests
  • Actionable notifications

Why does iiko outperform other systems?

The big difference is that iiko is feature-rich and been honed over years, working with some of the most successful F&B businesses in the world. Put simply, you’re not taking a chance with your business. iiko gives you so much more.