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iiCan Increase Lunchtime Income

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Eliminate staff confusion
Forecast required batch quantities
Estimate batch wastage
Create customer loyalty programs

eliminate staff confusion

iiko is very easy to learn and use. Its intuitive design helps staff to fulfil orders fast and accurately. You can run happy hours, meal deals and other promotions efficiently and easily. Staff are guided through the right options to minimise errors and theft.

Ask yourself...

How much does it cost to train a new waiter?

How often do your waiters mix up the lunch options or sell at a wrong price?

What percentage of your lunch deals are sold out of lunch time hours?

forecast required batch quantities

iiko incorporates the sales forecast into the food preparation process. It intelligently predicts what ingredients, batches and actions are needed ahead of service and creates preparation plans. Chefs follow system-generated instructions (e.g. make X cutlets by 11am) to ensure optimal batch production.

Ask yourself...

How much time do your chefs spend planning batch production?

How many sales do you lose to under-planning?

How many batches do you waste due to over-planning?

estimate batch wastage

With iiko, your chefs can immediately record batch wastage using a touch-screen terminal. There is no longer a need to send documents to your back of house to re-key information and update records. When combined with iiko’s real time inventory control, you can keep track of food and beverage costs and stock items in real time.

Ask yourself...

How many kinds of batches (e.g. protein in salads, stock in soup, etc.) do you have?

How often is batch production communicated to back of house?

How easy is it to analyse inefficiencies?

create customer loyalty programs

With iiko, you can analyse the number of customer visits and purchase amounts to identify your most loyal customers. iiko enables guests to collect and redeem points for discounts and rewards. You can also create and send automated email campaigns to customers that haven’t visited for a while, or if it’s their birthday, with an enticing offer.

Ask yourself...

How easy is it to keep track of customer visits and purchases?

How many customers make recurring purchases from your loyalty programs?

What percentage of customers return after receiving an offer?

It's time to increase your lunchtime income.

Increase sales
Turn lunch rush into a sales gold mine.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses
No longer a tendency to over-plan.

Reduce errors and theft
Ensure lunch deals aren’t sold out of the lunch time hours and deal options are not mixed up.

Improve growth potential
increase the number of customers through the door

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